December 5, 2022

Love is the best source of hope. We need them both. They keep us optimistic and revitalize our enthusiasm during our duller or gloomiest moments.
Some individuals need more love and hope. A person who is seriously ill must be treated with utmost care and this will serve as a happy pill and contribute to one’s fast recovery.
Hopelessness and anxiety attack us if we are sick or in pain. In fact, some of us think dying is the best solution to stop our agony. However, our love for our family, especially for our kids, keeps us strong and positive. They need our presence, care, guidance and support. Thus, love will make us alive and hopeful that everything will be fine. It will also strengthen our faith in God that nothing is impossible if we believe in Him.
Most of us consider this time as a season of love and hope. Even during my childhood, I already sensed the significance of Christmas or Yuletide season. While poverty hindered us to buy classy clothes, shoes, and delicious food for Noche Buena, it was never a reason for us not to enjoy the season. It instead made me aspire to be better and improve my life. The birth of Jesus Christ in a manger contributed much in my positivity. It implies that hardship is not a barrier to happiness and triumph.
There was also a time when I mourned the death of my brother during the Christmas season. Celebrating the season was unusual and melancholic. I was so upset. But the sacrifices, sufferings, sorrow, and cruelty that Jesus Christ endured helped me regain my strength. Life is still beautiful amidst heartaches and frustrations. Aristotle Onassis said, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” Yes, we need to remain buoyant and see the brighter side of life.
Some families who were victims of crimes and calamities cry for assistance. May this season of love and hope touch our hearts and open our arms to help them. It will definitely uplift their spirits and drive them to struggle and survive.
Sharing or giving is a sign of love. It is always nice to share our blessings especially to the unfortunate ones. Sharing or giving is the real meaning of Christmas. Jesus offered his life to save us from our sins.
Exchanging gifts during the Christmas season must not only be about giving and expecting something in return. Our gifts need to be wrapped mainly with love and affection. As a receiver, we must be grateful and appreciative regardless of its quality or price. The effort and sincerity of the giver matters most.
Bear in mind also that it is better to give than to receive. Our simple gesture of generosity means a lot particularly to the needy. It may affect their life one way or another.
Understanding gives hope to individuals who are desperate, frustrated, and depressed. May this season arouse our hearts to understand them. They need our empathy and sympathy.
They say, “Understanding is an art and not everyone is an artist,” but I disagree because everyone can teach his heart to be kind. In the first place, we must do things to please God. He wants us to love one another. Understanding is a manifestation of love. Jesus is considerate even to those who disrespect him. It is proper to follow him.
Hatred or grudge is a poison that can impede happiness and peace of mind. We need to forgive as Jesus Christ forgave those who persecuted him. Forgiving is not easy but it is the right thing to do. It will lighten our burdens, purify our hearts, and give us peace of mind.
Let us celebrate Christmas to exult the birth of our messiah. We must spread love and hope to everyone. This will glorify God, the father of Jesus Christ who is the main reason of this celebration.
Creating meaningful memories this Yuletide season is important. They will inspire us to confidently welcome and beautifully start the New Year. Remember, a good beginning foretells a successful ending. (JENELYN J. AGAYO)