November 30, 2023

Dear Manang,
Is it right to always act cool? I like this girl a lot but I don’t want to confess that I like her. I guess I am too young to believe that this is love, yet. She makes me feel happy because she has so many funny ideas and views of life. What I like most about her is that she can find something to like about anything we see along the way. Even in video calls, she can be hilarious or she makes faces on camera that she asks permission to make. Can I pretend to be cool and not propose to her? But I am afraid that someone else might steal her.
Kokak of St. John Road, Baguio City

Dear Kokak,
Be cool even if you want to be her one and only. My guess is that like all young boys, you don’t want rejection. True enough, you risk losing her to someone braver. Sometimes, it is also destiny or fate. Maybe God has other plans for you or her. But life is such, you must take risks or you will never really know. On this occasion, I will be a fatalist. Being too cool is also not good for you.
Pray tell her,

Dear Manang,
I want to believe that impressions and opinions of people don’t count. It is what you are that is most important. Lately, I discovered that my silence isn’t a good way to deal with wrong impressions. We have to speak out. This woman has been spreading annoying rumors that I had an affair with her husband that I find odd. I may know her husband from years back but I wasn’t even a friend. No matter how I deny it, I am at a loss. Do I leave it to karma?
Dinadamay of Ambiong, La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Dinadamay,
You are not alone. I have also said poetic justice is the best solution because it is thorough. Like you, many grow impatient with the response time. We wish it could be delivered sooner because the chaos in our lives left at its aftermath is unfair. Instead of peace and quiet, we are shunned without much effort on our part. I guess many victims of injustice die without clearing their names. My bad for not consoling you at the moment. Do we wish for their tongues to be slashed and ripped out? Forget about them!
Stop tormenting yourself,