July 15, 2024

Dear Manang,
Does watching television count as an addiction? I have been unable to do much because I have been hooked to watching TV series and documentaries and many chores are pending and postponed because of it. I checked the meaning and dependence on a substance, thing, or activity is the real condition I am in. Is this totally bad? I do not harm anyone and anything but myself for being inept and useless to myself. I live alone in my sister’s apartment that I mind while she is abroad. I can go on 48-hour spans if the series is so interesting. I also take breaks when I want. Is this an alarming thing?
Clarita of Balacbac, Baguio City

Dear Clarita,
Yes, you are addicted to an activity. This is similar to computer games. That suspends life and important things that should be accomplished. Although this type is not too debilitating, it can keep you from doing meaningful things. Then again, it is meaningful to you, so who’s to judge you when those who gamble and play video games damage their lives and their families. You already have some self control so you know your own limits. I say, you are on the good path of your own dependence on this activity. I suggest keep on a schedule because there are important things to accomplish.
Keep time,

Dear Manang,
I cannot help but envy others. I’m always on the lookout for what my friend or neighbor has and want to have the same. It gives me the drive to try harder and earn enough money to buy one or get a better one. This gives me bragging rights that mine is better than theirs. Is this a bad trait to possess or is it in a way good because I improve myself?
Wix of Cruz, La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Wix,
Your brand of jealousy has both good and bad sides. Good comes in your desire to possess but your means of achieving it is in working towards your goal. Bad is in the discontentment with what you have just because you want to say that you have the best. This negativity will dominate your life so much that you will never be happy. Set your own priorities and focus on them and not on your neighbors. You will feel fulfilled and your self-esteem will improve.
Love yourself,