March 31, 2023

A city councilor proposed adjustments to the rental fees of the Baguio Convention Center.

Councilor Isabelo Cosalan said the rental fee adjustments were proposed in consideration of the economic slowdown brought about by the pandemic affecting the residents and other entities who are potential users of the BCCC.

The regular rental fee of the Full Hall, which has a maximum capacity of 2,000 is P80,000 for a 10-hour use; P45,000 for a five-hour use; and P5,000 per hour for extra hour use, rehearsal, and setup.

The regular rental fee of the Ground Hall, which has a maximum capacity of 800 is P60,000 for a 10-hour use; P35,000 for a five-hour use per day; and P5,000 per extra hour.

The Executive Lounge (25 as the maximum capacity), Executive Boardroom (30 as the maximum capacity), Lobby Receiving Room (50 as the maximum capacity), and Basement Function Room (70 as the maximum capacity) all have a regular rental fee of P6,000 for a 10-hour per day; P3,000 for a five-hour use per day; and P400 per extra hour.

The rental fee of the whole basement, which can accommodate up to 1,200 individuals, is P40,000 for a 10-hour use per day; P22,000 for a five-hour use per day; and P5,000 per extra hour.

The proposed adjusted rates for local and regional organizations shall be 40 percent less than the regular rates while the proposed adjusted rates for national organizations shall be 30 percent less than the regular rates.

On top of the proposed adjusted rates, the following discounted rates shall be applied:

A five percent discount on the venue fee will be given for the next days (second day after) for consecutive use of the facility of an event by one organizer/proponent;

A 30 percent discount on the ground hall or basement rental if it will be used for setup and rehearsals only;

A 15 percent discount on the venue fee will be given to non-government organizations, regional and national government agencies, and local government units for fund-raising activities supporting beneficiaries with social or environmental impact; and/or for social advocacy forums or religious activities and events, which shall not charge any entrance or registration fees to the participants. Such activities need to be endorsed by the City Social Welfare and Development Office and the city administrator upon the approval of the city mayor;

City government events that are commercial in nature (selling, merchandising, market of trade fairs) that will generate income shall be charged with a 15 percent discount on the venue fee. The organizing or lead office of the event must include in their annual budget the item for venue rentals; and

Additional charges that may be incurred during or after the event will not be part of the fees to be discounted. Such will be charged to the organizer or proponent; or the organizing or lead office, in case of a city event.

The proposal sta-ted the seating capa-city shall be reduced in observance of the current Covid-19 local and national quarantine guidelines. The conduct of events shall be subjected to the approval of the city government ta-king into account prevailing health and safety standards and protocols.

Catering maintenance fees and technical installation and maintenance fees shall be waived.

Other regular and extra charges shall be adjusted as follows:

P600 for the overtime maintenance personnel fee; P500/five hours for the multimedia projectors; P15,000/10 hours, P8,000/five hours, and P1,500/extra hour for the LED video walls; P6,000/hour for the full hall and P3,000/hour for the half hall for air conditioning; and P300/day for every 2mx2m booth and P500 for every 2mx3m booth for exhibits and merchandising, incidental to a booked event as pre-arranged.

According to the proposed ordinance, all city functions related to the discharge of the city government’s duties and responsibilities as organized by attached offices and organizations of the city government held at the convention center, except those commercial in nature, shall be charged with at-cost maintenance fees only as long as pre-calendared and without prejudice to prior booking commitments to any entity. In case of city, regional, or national emergencies where immediate use of facilities is imperative, the city mayor may order for its use with no charges.

Under the proposal, a bond of P5,000 shall be required to be deposited prior to the start of the event except for private entities only (non-government). The amount shall be returned upon the issuance of the final bill of additional charges.

However, the same bond shall be used for payment if additional charges have been incurred as reflected in the bill.

All other provisions as to booking, reservation, cancellation, and house policies and rules shall continue to be implemented as stipulated in the manual of operations of the convention center.

The proposed ordinance co-authored by Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan and Councilor Arthur Allad-iw has been referred to the city council’s committee on ethics, governmental affairs, and personnel to be reviewed. – Jordan G. Habbiling