March 23, 2023

YES! AFTER ALL these years, what things have we learned – especially those that are lesson-filled and irreduplicative.. which we may share to anybody desirous of these.. of any bracket of Age.
LET ME START with my own self and personal experiences – with special focus on my years of Stay with the College of Commerce – now known as CAC or ‘College of Commerce and Accountancy’. But
FIRST: THE CHARACTERS – they were (or have now become) the sources, facteurs influencing, the inspirational matrices of the ‘lessons’ learned we are about to disclose herein. They’ll appear as they randomly come to mind.. not according to any frame or basis, to wit and their initials only, names fond to the group – our batch:
ROGER M. HE was the volunteer coordinator each time; after the event or occasion, he was just happy that we were all happy; his coordination was successful. Plans for the next or another, not yet, or what – he just smiled back Kitaen to (Transl: “Let’s see later.”), he would sometimes add to the smile.
RAFAEL AND NOEL – both with a Surname of DL. Were they relatives or bloodkin? They never said – at least openly; so we never knew. They took care of the venues: was it at Rafael’s or Noel’s? Their family members always welcomed us warmly, cum risus totus – with all smiles.
MANONG VITO, ATTYs. Spr and Tom or Tommy, and Apo Henry ‘not-the-VIII’. They were our more senior versions who fed us unselfish words of wisdom, advices, and the simple how-to-do-its in tackling the hardships in everyday classroom, as well as in practicing-profession; in life and challenges, in general.
OF COURSE, THERE was the Great Rock – also later known as ‘RMM’.. he eventually became the ‘Big Boss’ in the Province. Three or four other lawyers with us – in that small, male Faculty Room: one, I heard, later became a Provincial Fiscal; another one, was elected a City Councilor, then.. almost a Mayor; and another whose story I remember quite well; id est he became a lawyer – later Law-Professor, by way of Teaching Spanish! His own words: “Spanish financially helped me in my Education!”
[HE HAD THIS often resounded, and by Incidence, I cannot forget.. because I too partly paid my way to college teaching Nihongo. By this parallelism, I can’t forget him but what pity: his name eludes me this time]!
FROM THEM AND their conversations, I learned many expressions and terms – of my near-recent and present Use, the likes of:
AB OVO, EX post-facto Law, Ad captandum, Prior restraint, client-affiant-defendant-complainant (all ‘diffucult’ terms in regular classroom teaching);
DIVIDE ET IMPERA, ‘legal’ but not ‘moral’, status Quo, ‘Granting but not accepting’, and many more.. not to forget their lengthly simplications of jus postlimini, tu quoque, and of course the immortal Dura lex, sed lex!
FROM THEM, AND observing them, I’ve learned that lawyers too are but human – frail in some, strong in many; or, vice-versa. That further, they are also compassionate, dutiful, and sensitive.
(I STAND CORRECTED, in case; since I’m not a lawyer myself, nor am I privy to the pheno-ways of the iurisperiti and the teachings of jus gentium].
THEN, THERE WERE the innately humorous types who traded jokes with me, among, or foremost of, them: Emil M., Vic Lam, and Ernie Bar Sq. or ‘EBS’. Some sampling exchanges:
YOURS TRULY: “PARE Emil, am I correct to observe that you’re not in-cotton to celebrate your Natal Day, publicly?” And he replies immediately:
‘THAT’S RIGHT, PARE. I often thought.. so, I decided by Principle: Not so much birthdays – or B-day parties for grown-ups like me.. better, for the kids!” He let out two or three je je s; then; wheeled and said: ‘and you too, Pare.. seems you don’t.! [Quickly, I answered]:
“YES, I DO. But not so often, maybe once in two or three years; and when I do so, I celebrate two events: my day of Birth, and also [my] Happy New Year – since that’s the start-day of the yar I came into this world.” Another sampling – this time with Ernie or ‘EBS’ and Prof. Vic Lam:
ERNIE OR ‘EBS’: “Have you already heard the good news? Many were promoted.. lately..” [then, he started enumerating; but stopped sudden and paused]: “what about the two of you – Doc Morr and Sir Vic, you weren’t..”?
‘BUT WE WERE!’ Moving his eyes to the side a little, Vic Lam asked: “weren’t we lodged in Rm. 416 – in the Fourth Floor formerly? Now, we’re here in the 5th Floor. We just had a promo-elevation. That should do in the meantime!’ [Laughs from us somewhat].

AFTER ALL THESE years, some friends, colleagues, higher-ups, etc., are hard to forget; because of what big or little things they did for you, or for others; some because of things they said that cannot be erased in your fond memories; some because of what they really are – or were, more or less – or in other words.
AFTER ALL THESE years, I for one cannot help but wonder: all those things I’ve learned; the experiences I’ve been through – in and out of my CAC years; the legacies, knowledge, and wisdom gained..
HAVE I LEARNED enough? Since, most likely, I cannot claim so, I have to endeavour to listen, discover, and find-truths some more. As yet I ponder: Yes, I crave to learn for more! I now clandestinely realize.. after all these years.