July 14, 2024

LET US ADDRESS the question to you and me, to the Voting public – whether aspirant(s) or non-aspirants.
BY DOING SO, it is hoped that we shall be able to derive plausible answers, explanations, options, and the like – given this super sufficient time of ‘Waiting’ [but let’s this time use the term to ‘Discovery’?] Period, in the meantime.
THIS ‘DISCOVERY’ PERIOD I’m referring to – and which shall be the main vantage point of our Discussion today, shall cover the duration: from October 1 of this year – or Filing Day, to Election Day itself, i.e. May 2022. Let’s then commence with the usual or prevailing queries, to wit:
“DID I MAKE the right decision – filing for the Position of Vice-mayor?” asks one aspirant in a small circle of friends. And the answers – varied as expected, come – almost immediate and truly encouraging to him. Some samples:
‘YES, YOU DID. This is the ‘right’ time: the position is to be vacated by the present wielder, this is his 3rd term:’ And another:
“YOU’RE HITTING BULL’S eye – or the periphery of it. Why, there’s only the two of you and you are both winsome of our folks. It’s either you or he – they’ll choose from. See what I mean?” Et cetera.
WHEN GOING HOME and already alone, aspirant for vice-mayor keeps thinking: “they’re really a happy bunch, ah! Did they really mean those ‘supportive’ words? But.. I should also start trusting some.. and Yes! I can begin with them: old friends, neighbours, relatives, even.”
IN ANOTHER LOCATION, a group of old and young (but married) women were heard saying:
“IN THESE TIMES, with all the protocols and restrictions, it is a wonder how all those candidates shall go campaigning.” Adds another:
“I’VE BEEN THINKING of that too. It is much doubted if by next year already, the political rallies shall be “open”, for us to attend or witness. And another one:
“OF COURSE, THERE is the Social Media – in general, to substitute for some of these activities in case, but truly – is undeniable: that only ‘a few’ have access to the Media?” And so on.
ON MY MODEST part, I asked some fellows, we call Gagaits, what are the foreseeable scenarios during the allowed Campaign Period, come 2022, before Election Day: Said one:
WELL, PROBABLY SMALL get-togethers they’ll call ‘family affair(s)’; or on-spot lunch or supper visit, they’ll call Al Allibai, but you’re right: hard to imagine big rallies as before.” Another Gait or fellow:
‘MANY OF THOSE ASPIRANTS will go “house-to-house” – hiking mostly. They’ll benefit this time – a contraire, to the Protocols which we were saying, because this time: they don’t have to shake with those hands individually; they’ll just wave high and smile; then go on their next stops’. And still, another Gait:
“THERE’S THAT OLD style too – that many politicos, and folks as well, have applied with success.. yes, they say so.
“THEY CALL IT Pasagid-sagid, Koldit-koldit, ken Arasaas – with an acronym of PKKA (Transl. “Going ‘round the bush’, gentle-message touches/gestures, and [emphatic] whispers”). These have worked before – and in the recent past; these can work again this time, I guess?”
SO, WE HEAR – these many comparing opinions and comments – at times, we get not only ‘entertained’ – but even overwhelmed. The final question:
HOW WILL IT gonna be? Your guess is as good as mine. But we’re still hoping this ‘Discovery’ Period – though definitely not to likened to the earlier or previous ones, shall be both meaningful and rewarding to us all. Ayuhh kha nete!