July 19, 2024
OFF LIMITS SOON — The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has notified Barangay Loakan Proper officials of its plan to close the gate at the middle of the runway of Loakan Airport to pedestrian and vehicular traffic for safety and security concerns in line with the planned reopening of the airport to commercial flights by mid-December. The runway is the shortest access route for residents of puroks Magsaysay, Suyok, and Green Meadows. — Harley Palangchao

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is set to close the gate leading to two residential areas from the runway of Loakan Airport in preparation for its reopening in December.
In a letter dated Oct. 12, CAAP Airport Manager II Rosito Tamayo, Jr. informed officials of Barangay Loakan Proper of its plan to close the access route of Suyoc and Green Meadows Subdivision at Lower West Purok Magsaysay from the runway.
Tamayo said the gates leading to these areas are among the major security and safety concerns identified by a team from CAAP and Philippine Airlines.
Access to the residential areas start from the middle of the runway, which Tamayo said pose as a critical safety and security concern in line with the planned reopening of the airport to commercial flights.
“I would like to inform you that we will close the access gate with a concrete hollow block perimeter fence to secure the runway of Loakan Airport from unauthorized persons and stray animals which endanger aircraft operations,” Tamayo said in the letter.
He sought the help of barangay officials in disseminating the information to the affected residents.
Loakan Proper Council member Jackson Chiday said they will call for a meeting to gather the sentiments of residents who will be affected by the closure.
Being the shortest route, he said not only the homeowners of the two subdivisions are affected by the closure as residents from nearby areas also use the gate from the runway as an entry point leading to their homes.
He added local officials will coordinate with CAAP and Philippine Airlines officials after the consultation to relay the sentiments of residents.
The date of consultation is yet to be determined.
Chiday said they received the copy of the CAAP letter on Oct. 18, days after the barangay held its regular general assembly.
He however said they already posted the CAAP notice to the barangay’s Facebook account as a preliminary to the consultation to be held.
Chiday said a possible remedy is to ask CAAP for a window time where residents can be allowed to use the gate.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong earlier announced the possibility of having flights between Baguio and Cebu City when the Loakan Airport resumes operations by December.
Magalong said he discussed the airport reopening with Transportation Sec. Jaime Bautista. – Jane B. Cadalig