December 2, 2023

Disclaimer: I do not personally know retired Gen. Oscar Albayalde. All I know is he is a nephew of good friend and Pagcor Chair Didi Domingo. I feel though, that the public should know the result of the much ballyhooed Senate investigation where he was unjustly condemned by people who shoot from the hip with matching crocodile tears.
In a Dec. 7, 2019 hearing, the usual glib-tongued Sen. Dick Gordon said the Criminal Investigation Detection Group has prepared a weak case because the current head was the mistah and subordinate of the former chief of the Philippine National Police. Good thing Sen. Bato dela Rosa came to the rescue and said the findings were beyond the control of the office.
Last month, a team at the Office of the Ombudsman composed of Assistant Ombudsman for Preliminary Investigation, Administrative Adjudication and Monitoring Office Moreno Generoso as team leader with graft investigators Lucielo Ramirez Jr. and Bonifacio Mandrilla, in a 14-page resolution, dismissed the graft complaint filed by the CIDG in 2019 against Albayalde.
The case stemmed from the alleged failure of Albayalde, then police provincial director, to account for the drugs seized from suspected drug lord Johnson Lee in Pampanga in November 2013.
The investigating team found that the CIDG violated Albayalde’s constitutional rights to be informed of the accusation lodged against him and is thus, insufficient to establish proof of any unlawful act.
The resolution said that aside from the complaint being tainted with procedural lapses, evidences submitted failed to establish criminal liability on the part of Albayalde.
The CIDG report stated that 200 kilos shabu were confiscated during a sting operation conducted in 2013, but only 36 kilos were declared by the Pampanga police. Albayalde was then administratively charged but subsequently cleared.
Correctly, the Ombudsman found there was no evidence that would prove Albayalde’s participation in the alleged offense.The truth has set him free as justice was delivered even if heaven fell. Earlier on, he was also cleared by the Napolcom and even President Rodrigo Duterte.
As for the perpetrators of the tale, they must have the honor, courage or guts to apologize to a man whose reputation, career and honor they destroyed and the distress the issue brought to his family. Though I heard that this is not the first time this is done to fellow officers or people who they feel gets in the way of personal ambitions. Sooner or later karma, will set in.
Karma is a law of cause and effect.
That every volitional act brings about a certain result. If our act is motivated by greed, hatred, or delusion, we are planting the seed of suffering; when our acts are motivated by generosity, love, or wisdom, then we are creating karmic conditions for abundance and happiness.
At this age and time, it is best to practice good karma and let’s toast to it with the latest craze this Christmas – Menggay’s Batang 9tea’s Milktea House at 225 Upper Session Road. Sigh!