December 6, 2023

We are bombarded with exaggerated things posted all over social media about the coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19).
I, too, am affected by the home quarantine our government imposed. I am working mom. I work in bars has in Baguio and Benguet and every night I cannot tell or determine who are the carriers of the Covid-19. When Benguet declared a suspension of all social gatherings, I felt bad. I work in a bar and with the suspension, I kept thinking where to get money for our daily needs and to pay our rent and city services.
These were the first things that came to my mind. Where can I get money to provide for these things now? But then I came to think about the positive side of it. Being safe and free from this epidemic is more important than thinking where and how to provide money for our daily needs. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
I don’t have money. I am an ordinary citizen. I belong to the group who needs to work daily to provide for my necessities. Looking at my wallet makes me nervous. Counting the amount inside, it is not even enough to buy me food for a month. Should we blame our government for this, when all they are thinking is for our own safety? What if one of us got infected with the virus, knowing that we mingle with a lot of people?
The virus will affect many people if we do not do our part to contain its spread, and to think that we who worked at the bars are not all healthy, not all of us have strong immune system. We lack sleep and even food with vitamins that our body needs to be protected from the Covid-19.
We are facing an epidemic now. But if we have discipline and proper knowledge on how to fight the virus, we might be able to prevent its spread. I’d rather stay home than to be infected and be the carrier of the virus. It is really hard, especially for workers who don’t have alternative jobs to support their needs.
What we need now is discipline. We need to follow the guidelines and be open-minded. This is the time for us to be with our loved ones and spend quality time with them. Let’s all be vigilant and stop complaining about the orders that are handed down. This is for us to be safe.
A month of no work is better than a day of suffering. Let’s find ways to be busy and stop exaggerating things regarding the safety measures our government is implementing. It’s for our own sake.
When the Chinese were instructed to stay home, they never complained. Instead, they did what their government told them to do, and now, no local transmission of the Covid-19 has been reported. Other countries did the same. It is too bad that we Filipinos lack discipline, then if the virus wins over us, who do we blame? Our government? They are having hard times, too, in telling and finding solutions to calm down our fears. Haven’t they done their best to keep us away from being infected by simply providing safety measures?
All we need is discipline to help us fight this epidemic. Stop complaining. All of us are facing the same situation and the same dilemmas. We should act as one. — Marjonkate Lee