September 25, 2023

Books are important in a student’s life. Their role in education is irreplaceable.
The advent of modern technology decreased the popularity of books. Many people nowadays prefer to browse the Internet for information and for entertainment than read books.
However, books offer more comprehensive and accurate information. Books underwent series of editing before they were published. On the contrary, some information from the Internet are not reliable. Texts can easily be uploaded without thorough evaluation.
According to Matrix Education, students should read books because they expand vocabulary, boost creativity, improve writing skills, develop analytical thinking, and enhance memory. Thus, teachers must emphasize to the learners the importance of reading books. They must inculcate in their minds that they can learn best from good books.
Our school has adopted the Drop Everything and Read program. Every day, we allot 20 minutes of supervised reading time for our pupils. Each pupil is allowed to choose a book to read. This program has helped improve their reading and comprehension skills.
Putting up reading corners in every classroom can also benefit schoolchildren. By doing so, they are exposed to varied reading materials, which can arouse their interest to read and eventually lead them to develop love for books.
Developing book reading as a habit is advantageous. People who read more, learn more. Wide readers become more knowledgeable and wiser.
I used to read novels. “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks is my favorite one. I also love John Grisham’s novels. Reading novels is a good recreation. It has helped me intellectually and emotionally. I learned many lessons from reading them.
Reading books is a worthwhile activity. It can stimulate the imagination and bring a reader to majestic places. Make it a habit.