October 2, 2023

Dear Manang,
I have a group mate who is ambitious. It is said that if we dream, we will be able to reach it. But I also believe that before dreams come true we must work for it. Her ambition is impossible because she is lazy and she cheats in the exams. My problem is that she is hurting other people in the process. She volunteers for the group but doesn’t do the work. Our grades in a project were affected. How do we deal with her?
Koreen of University of Baguio

Dear Koreen,
Classmates like that are common. There are 1:4 of that kind among students, so don’t fret too much. Someone has to work in tandem with her to make sure she completes the work. Be glad of the small things that she can complete, if you have the patience. Sometimes, people like that pretend to know what to do but really do not know how to do things. Sorry to say this but she needs a babysitter among you, if you care for her enough. If you don’t care about her, avoid her. But I warn you, God has a sense of humor and you may have to deal with her more often than you care to.
Be kinder,

Dear Manang,
Why does someone we like not like us and someone we don’t like have to like us so much? There is this suitor who has loved me since Junior High School and is still around now that we are in college. He keeps saying that he has the time to wait until I will like him too. I like him but do not think I will love him because he lacks the qualities I want in a man. He is not handsome and he is shorter than me. How do I turn him away?
Lilianna of Gaerlan St., Baguio City

Dear Lilianna,
Love is a many splendored things. For some, love is destiny. I think that your suitor knows that you are his destiny. He is willing to wait, so he seems confident that it will be you two one day. This reminds me of the novel, “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Florentino’s love for Fermina surpassed time but he was just happy to have been given a chance to be with her when she was widowed. Sometimes, as you get to know people, you become fonder of the person. Maybe there is an endearing quality in him. I would change places with you any time because he offers true love.
True love waits,