December 6, 2023

I don’t know if I am being nudged by my angel or by my dear departed friend Kiling Dakudao, a former regional director in Davao. I suddenly had the urge to look into a book she gave me entitled “A Rustle of Angels” by Marilynn and William Webber, a young missionary couple who wrote the book. Webber explains “that the purpose of the book is to glorify God by telling of his love and care as seen in the ministry of his angels and to encourage people by letting them know that angels are still ministering today.”
The book is full of stories of angels in real life and Scripture. Kiling’s short handwritten note fell from the book as I was about to read it, as if reminding me about the angels in our midst. I cannot remember if I gave a copy of the book to another friend, former Tourism regional director, Lita Mondiguing who also already passed away, when we were considered “flavors of the month.”
In difficult times we can pray to Jesus through the intercession of our angels. Not everyone believes in angels, in fact Webber said, “People were once afraid to talk about angel experiences for fear that others would consider them to be a bit strange.”
If you believe in angels, when was your first and last encounter with them? Our first prayer taught to us during our younger years as children would be, “Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day, be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide, Amen.” I believe we can still recite this prayer even in our adult years. Many years ago, there was an explosion of angel belief. We would go to Catholic stores to buy angel books, small figurines, pins, and Christmas decorations, especially those made of paper mache. I still have one given by another dear friend, Mitos Yñiguez of the Hill Station chain of restaurants.
My encounter with angels was probably more pronounced when I was nine years old. I dreamt of a white luminous faceless being telling me about the death of my mother. I woke up crying and looking for my mother that early morning to her surprise but never told her about my dream. My mom’s death happened 10 years after. I think it was more of a message of love, to enjoy the presence of my mother while she was still alive. Nine was really an auspicious age for me. Twice I almost drowned and twice was saved by my angel relatives.
Angel beings are not limited to the divine and spiritual. Many times we have relatives and friends who are “angels unaware.” They save you from mishappenings, which are considered by most as providential. Each encounter is either life changing or life saving. To those who believe, there are angels in our midst.