June 7, 2023

Dear Manang,
My daughter suddenly burst out in anger in Messenger the other day and I didn’t know what happened or what I said that made her steam. She said that I paid too much attention to my family and didn’t know how hard she was working for her son. She wanted me to bring her son out because he got good grades for the first quarter. When I asked how many I should invite out, she went berserk. She now wants me to pack the bags of my grandson and bring him to an uncle. What do I do?
Barbs of Longlong, La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Barbs,
There are days and times when we will never understand what gives and goes on in other people’s minds. We don’t even know the hurt and pain one word we said has caused others. You must find out what it is that caused such a reaction. It is just talking that you can do for now. If it’s too personal, ask someone who is close to her find out what’s wrong.
Bite your tongue,

Dear Manang,
I am feeling funny and am afraid that I might be next to have cancer. My aunts had cancer, my cousin had cancer, my friends have cancer, so I won’t be surprised if I have it too. My last blood test was in August and I was prescribed medicines that I never needed. Now I feel different, my digestive system feels weird. I have meds for diabetes, which is unusual. My heart is running wild and goes on over drive with its pounding. I can’t believe it. What should I do?
Henrietta of Outlook Drive, Baguio City

Dear Henrietta,
You sound like me. Instead of going to my doctor religiously and finding out why my systems are such, I am home worrying over nothing or something I have no idea about. When our heart pumps fast, there is something wrong. Go see your cardiologist. If you think something is wrong with your stomach, see an internist, if that’s what you call them. But don’t sit and fret because that’s deadliest. Go see an oncologist if you must but don’t go guessing. We have different states of deterioration, if that’s what it is called. Just go.
Make an appointment,