June 2, 2023

Dear Manang,
I heard one of my friends is pregnant and she and her husband want to abort the child. Although I am single and have no such experience in abortions, I believe aborting the baby is a sin. I do not agree with life being too difficult that God will not provide us with ways to sustain ourselves. What can I do to remind her about this? How can I stop them?
Dandra of Balacbac, Baguio City

Dear Dandra,
Sometimes, talking about this abortion is not the useful way to dissuade people and with the availability of methods to accomplish it, actually encourages it. A subtle reminder is all you can do and prayers to accompany it will be your best option. God has ways and means to persuade mortals. But indeed, who are we to say that God has not chosen them to have this child who is born of love.
I join your prayers,

Dear Manang,
I have had migraines for many years that headaches are too common. However, after an accident of bumping my head, my pains have become severe, and I need to take pain relievers. I was advised to see a neurologist. I am afraid because I might be told that I have a tumor or something. I have this fatalistic view to just die. Do you agree?
Virgie of Liteng, Pacdal, Baguio City

Dear Virgie,
You must see a doctor because you would never know how serious the situation is or maybe there is nothing wrong with you. Certainty is better in this situation. I have heard of instances when the headache led to death because there was a concussion. Please go for the checkup. There are free services, get them if you have financial burdens.
Find out,