December 5, 2023
HONEST TAXI DRIVER — American resident Bruce Baskin of Seattle, United States, is all praises for William Cargolio, operator-driver of Kuya-Wil taxi for returning his wallet he left at the back seat of the taxi last week. The wallet contained his cards, visa, ATM, and cash. — Contributed photo

A Baguio taxi driver is receiving praise from an American resident of Camp 7 who had left his wallet in the back seat after leaving the taxi at Baguio Medical Center.

According to Seattle, U.S.A, native Bruce Baskin, the wallet contained cards, including his visa and ATM, and P8,000 cash.

“I didn’t notice the wallet missing for an hour. I worried that it would never be seen again and maybe have to deal with identity thieves. I called my bank and canceled the ATM card and was working with sir Eric Pati at the Philippine Retirement Authority office about the visa,” Baskin said.

A retired radio announcer, Baskin was elated when the taxi driver, Amparo Heights resident William Cargolio, appeared at his subdivision hours later with the wallet and contents.

“I’d pretty much given up. We didn’t know who the driver was or how to contact him. The worry wasn’t so much with the driver because Baguio taxi operators have a reputation for honesty but more with later passengers grabbing the wallet for themselves,” Baskin said.

When Cargolio delivered the wallet, he said he discovered it while taking a break for lunch after carrying five more passengers. With information on the visa card, he located Baskin’s residence to return the wallet.

“Everything was intact, every card and peso. It was a miracle. Luchie and her friends had been praying for the wallet’s recovery and here it is. She says it was God’s guiding hand and I can’t argue. Again, Baguio taxi drivers are known for their honesty and kuya Wil lived up to it. Credit to his honest passengers, too, for not taking advantage. This probably wouldn’t have happened in America,” Baskin said. – Press release