July 14, 2024

The tandem of Romy Aquino and Rody Lockey made them the overall champion in the 7th Dap-ay Tournament presented by Baguio Country Club and its partners recently.

Aquino and Lockey collected 108 points in the tournament that allowed BCC members to select a non-member as partner.

7TH DAP-AY WINNERS — The winners in the 7th Day-ay Golf Tournament led by the tandem of Romy Aquino and Rody Lockey present their trophies during awards night at Baguio Country Club on March 31. The tournament, presented by BCC and its partners, allows BCC members to pair with non-members in a two-day tournament. — Glai Del Rosario

BCC member Lyndon Julian also partnered with Pat Eswag with the duo collecting 113 points to emerge the division one champions followed by the tandem of Jay Co and R’win Pagkalinawan with 115 points.

Isonn Angheng and Ika Angheng collected 119 points that settled them in third place.

Ed Basbas and Joey Pangilinan had 109 points to top division two followed by Arnold Tolding and Franky Miranda with 114 points. Jeff Acop and Mel Licoben placed third with 116 points.

Brandy Abeya partnered with Sammy Sab-it, as the duo topped division three with 110 points followed by Mariano Ang and Zeigfred Gogoling with 116 points. Derek Bautista and Carlo Baltao placed third with 118 points.

Division four was topped by the tandem of Danny Co and Pykes Fiesta, who collected 111 points, followed by Larry Senato and Donny Barleen with 115 points.

Mariano Tanglao and Andres Espiritu had 121 points to settle for third.

The annual Dap-ay Tournament is one of the prestigious events hosted by BCC and Adidas, one of its official partners that have been drawing golfers from the region. – Harley F. Palangchao