June 6, 2023

The recently arrested suspect in various “rent-tangay” car theft incidents face multiple charges from several complainants in and out of the Cordillera.
Baguio City Police Office Information Officer Lt. Angeline Dongpaen said the suspect, whose name withheld by the police, is facing a case of violation of Republic Act 10883, or the New Anti-Carnapping Act of 2016.
Operatives from BCPOCity Intelligence Unit arrested the suspect while on board a stolen sports utility vehicle along Lake Drive, Baguio City on Nov. 30.
He was served with a warrant of arrest earlier issued by a Regional Trial Court in Baguio for car theft with a fixed bail of P200,000 on Nov. 28.
Dongpaen said upon inspection of the suspect’s vehicle, it was discovered that the license plate was replaced. When it was verified, the SUV was included in the list of stolen vehicles reported on July 25, 2022 in La Trinidad, Benguet. It was also confirmed by the vehicle owner himself. 
The recovered SUV was turned over to the La Trinidad Municipal Police Station, where another case of car theft was filed against the suspect.
Several victims of “rent-tangay” gathered at the BCPO CIU office to file complaints against the suspect who failed to return their vehicles after renting them. Some of the victims were from other regions.
The possible modus operandi of the accused is “rent-tangay,” operating in different areas of Luzon, particularly in Metro Manila, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Laguna, among others using several fake identities and names.
The “rent-tangay” scam involves the suspect presenting to rent a vehicle then once the car owner gives the vehicle, the car is sold off or pawned to an unsuspecting buyer using fake documents.
Dongpoen said the suspect is currently being profiled if he is a member of a syndicated group.
“Intelligence gathering is ongoing if he has connection with other rent-tangay groups operating in the country.We have coordinated with the Highway Patrol Group for the complete profile of the suspect and for the other victims as well,” Dongpoen said.
BCPO records show there are 10 incidents of violations of the consummated new Anti-Carnapping Act of 2016 for January to December 2020, of which there are 12 incidents for the same months in 2021.
Records also show 16 incidents were recorded from Jan. to Nov. 2022. – Ofelia C. Empian