December 8, 2022

Baguio’s premier artisans market, Mandëko Kito, returns on Nov. 19.

As part of this year’s Ibagiw 2021 Creative City Festival, the market will operate from Friday to Monday until Dec. 13. 

Fifty-eight artisans, crafters, and food entrepreneurs will participate this time at Berkeley School Baguio. Compared to its June 2021 run, the number of participants nearly doubled. 

Mandëko Kito, when it was first conceptualized by the Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective, Inc. (BACCI) in June 2020, was a pro-active response to the needs of artisans and crafters who were heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It brought together established and new creative entrepreneurs and showcased high-quality locally made products. 

Since then, it has helped participating entrepreneurs earn during these challenging times. It also proved that when given the opportunity, artisans and crafters can level up the quality of their products and at the same time come up with new and innovative products for the market. 

Starting this run, the artisans market sports a new logo with quite an interesting backstory.  The new logo of Mandëko Kito represents boldness of vision and tenacity in action. It is based on the controversial “barrel man” souvenir item from Baguio City that spurred rupture – various interpretations and myth-making, and much like what Mandëko Kito is trying to do – encourages disruptive imagination and innovation.

This run, which is a part of the Ibagiw 2021 Creative City Festival, features several new innovations for guests and visitors to enjoy.

Along with bringing home some of the best crafts and locally made products, guests will also enjoy several art installations by three creatives, namely visual artist Olie Olivete, crochet artist Adel Guia, and artist Marge Gomez.

Another feature is Vivistop, a creative hub for children, teens, and adults where they can tinker with 3D printers, laser cutters, and button makers and learn how to design and create while learning at the same time. They will occupy the basement area at Berkeley School during the event.  

At Gallery Ninety, located within the school grounds, another Baguio artist will be holding his first solo exhibit. Architect Dulthe Munar and his exhibit is a true demonstration of innovation, by using local and ordinary materials and turning them into extraordinary works of art. 

Another purpose of the event is to mobilize support from other important stakeholders such as the government and the private sector. Government support comes from the Department of Trade and Industry in the form of event support and technical assistance for selected creative businesses.

The private sector is not far behind with Converge ICT Solutions as another major event partner and connectivity sponsor during the event. – Press release