December 4, 2022

The city government of Baguio will heighten its education and awareness campaign on the installation of tactile blocks or Braille or Tenji tiles on sidewalks after some citizens complained that the tiles are slippery, which could lead to accidents.
Some also requested for concerned agencies to “fix” the tiles or remove them completely.
Many of those who complained were apparently unaware that the Braille tiles – the yellow, grooved tiles now seen at the center of sidewalks, which are meant to guide the visually-impaired individuals.
City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña said the Braille tiles will not be removed.
Instead, public awareness should be enhanced so they will know that the tiles are a guide for the vision-impaired and should not be stepped on especially by those who still can see clearly.
“Ang problema ay kumitid ‘yung daanan (when the tactiles were installed) pero sadyang makipot ang mga sidewalk natin. Tayo (those who are not visually-impaired) ang mag-adjust dapat,” Dela Peña said.
He added, only minor adjustments will be done and only at narrow sidewalks and those that are on steep areas.
“Nagkulang sa IEC (information and education campaign) but the tactile are based on international standards,” dela Peña said.
He added all tactile are designed to be non-skid but there will be times that these become slippery especially with continuous rains such as what is being experienced in Baguio at present.
He also declined the suggestion of a group of persons with disability that the tactile should be installed only at areas where the blind and the vision-impaired often pass by.
“We have to be inclusive. We cannot say that the blind walk at certain roads only,” dela Peña said.
The Persons with Disability Affairs Office has not received any report of an accident involving a PWD who used the Braille tactile. – Rimaliza A. Opiña