December 6, 2022

Dear Manang,
How do you change a perception? I encountered an old friend who brought back memories of debts unpaid and of the pain brought by the situation of being in dire need while one is unable to collect your own money when you need it. I have a soft heart because I understand how it is to have no money to buy your child’s need in school because you could not collect from someone who borrowed your money and could not return it. I want to forget the memory; how do I do this?

Bing of Bayan Park, Baguio City

Dear Bing,
Your will to forget is the only remedy. I don’t know how to pacify you on this because I have similar friends who have hurt me because they complicated an uncomplicated predicament. I lent money hoping to get it back in time to pay for my light bill, but I instead could not pay for my own bill. It happens, I just thought to myself that it will never happen again. It may be harsh but these are forgettable persons.

Tick off a name,

Dear Manang,
I have a niece who is always in dire need. I feel remorseful for ignoring her messages on FB and chat but to entertain her is to fall victim again. Suddenly, I want to give her some money but not for her to know it came from me. Is that possible? This Christmas has made me a little kinder because I have also been treated with a little more kindness. What is your take on this?

Marta of Irisan, Baguio City

Dear Marta,
No one is forever hardened and heartless. I am glad that you still care for the person and even anonymously are prepared to give. You are still human and care for others, that is still heartwarming to know. God will still bless you and give you a star for your kindness.

Stay blessed,

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