February 7, 2023

As the ongoing pandemic accelerates innovation, Baguio City pushes forward with its goal of building the first Smart City in the country.

After several investments in technology for digital governance, crowd density monitoring, and real-time weather prediction, Mayor Benjamin Magalong enlisted the expertise of Cisco in creating the Integrated Command and Control Center.

“I envision Baguio as a Smart City where various types of electronic methods are used to manage the Summer Capital’s assets and resources and to provide even more efficient and effective services to the public,” Magalong said. 

“I am confident that Cisco’s participation will help the city realize its goal of digital governance where residents can engage in contact-less transactions with the government and much more. Less contacts will also help decrease the spread of the Covid-19 infection.”

While investments in technology can enhance public service and governance, a true Smart City has the capability to gather data and use insights to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently. Cisco’s Integrated Command and Control Center serves as Baguio City’s monitoring center and coordination office all in one. It will be operated by a combined force from the City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office and the police, fire, health, and emergency management service departments.

“Smart cities are not a vision of the future – they are here and now, and Baguio City is leading this initiative in the Philippines. Cisco is proud to help Mayor Magalong and his team realize this vision for not just a smart but a safe and thriving city,” said Cisco Philippines Managing Director Karrie Ilagan.

Specifically, Cisco will be installing a holistic and integrated Smart City platform, which includes the command and control center, an integrated communication platform, a video management system with video analytics, computer aided dispatch, and Geographical Information System and big data analytics for the city.

Ultimately, Baguio City will be able to closely monitor and respond to incidents in the community, improving peace, order, and safety for its citizens. It will also be able to better manage and respond to citizen complaints and feedback with the integration of its Smart City app launched earlier this year.

“The shift to be a Smart City is not easy and there are many challenges that we need to overcome, but for country leaders who are determined to enact a vision, this innovation is well within reach,” Ilagan said.

“We are excited about the work we are doing with Baguio City and we hope that more cities will take that bold step towards building an inclusive future for the Filipino.” – Press release

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