September 30, 2023

Metro Manila is not the only place in the country where subscribers can enjoy fast Internet at home today.

PLDT Home subscribers even up in the northern reaches of Luzon now get to work, play, and surf a lot better.

For a Baguio local and online tutor like Jasmin Tomas, a strong and reliable connection is important for her work. Tomas’s job as an online English tutor to foreigners and other ESL (English as Second Language) learners heavily depends on the high-speed Internet service of PLDT Home in the city. This helps her to deliver her lessons and conversations clearly and seamlessly with her students. A connection that frequently lags or drops out will greatly affect her quality of work as an online teacher. 

Tomas is a PLDT Home subscriber for 10 years now and who is currently signed up to Fiber Unli Plan 1699 in Ambiong, a neighborhood outside Baguio’s center.

Tomas enjoys up to 200 Mbps of Internet speed, which is enough for her online activities such as video-conferencing and streaming video content when she’s not on duty.

“I would rate my PLDT Home experience as very satisfactory,” she added, citing how her Internet subscription is able to always make her job easy and hassle-free.

“Even during thunderstorms, the Internet connection doesn’t slow down or drop out.”

Tomas would consider upgrading to a better plan should they need more speed. Tomas switched to PLDT Home when she and her family moved to Baguio from Nueva Ecija, where they had relied on a fixed wireless Internet connection.

Not only that – she encourages others who aren’t subscribed to PLDT Home to try it out for a better Internet experience at home.

The PLDT Home experience of Tomas and other Benguet subscribers are proof of the telco’s commitment to improve customer experience across the Philippines. Global benchmarking company Ookla® announced that PLDT, the country’s largest digital services provider, achieved a top speed score of 86.52 in 2022, affirming the telco’s dominance and consistent performance in delivering the country’s fastest Internet speeds for the fifth consecutive year.

In addition, its fiber network has now stretched to nearly 900,000 kilometers of cables laid, and 6.08 million fiber-powered ports installed throughout the country, servicing around 17,700 barangays from Luzon to Mindanao. – Press release