July 19, 2024

What’s up people? What’s the latest at the Baguio Museum?
Well, it is slated to probably start a project called “whatsapp”. The continuing saga will be for another time, another story. But for now, let’s talk about the visit of SM Supermalls President Steven Tan and Executive Vice Presidents Joaquin San Agustin and Bien Mateo representing Marketing and Operations, respectively. (I am writing this article before the visit tomorrow of the SM VIPs to the Baguio Museum, Nov. 25).
So, by the time you read this, the “Turnover Ceremony: Digitalization of the Museum Library and Cultural marketing has been culminated. A dream come true.
Providential? Probably, as their goals of digital transformation and caring for the less privileged is a match made in heaven for us.
The Baguio Museum is also gearing up to partner with the Baguio General Hospital Advisory Board headed by Ram Sharma for its “Maagang Gintong Alay sa Pasko”.
Preparations are underway with teacher Sabel Dagasen of the Baguio Country Club Elementary School as the beneficiary for the Dec. 2 event. We care, we share.
After being closed for almost two years due to the pandemic, the Baguio Museum launched the “Rehabilitated Baguio Museum” last Sept. 2 with Her Excellency U.S. Ambassador MaryKay Carlson as the guest of honor. It was the culminating activity of the 2017 Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation. Yes, Baguio, your community museum, is picking up. Visit us now and see the magical transformation brought by the U.S. Embassy in Manila.
Digitalization of the museum is the “brainchild” of vice president Edilberto Tenefrancia, and now it is slowly gaining momentum.
With the visit to the Baguio Museum of Consul and Head of Consulate Yang Zerui accompanied by the Chinese community of Baguio City with Board of Trustee Peter Ng, the “Whatsapp” project might see its materialization. Thank you for your visit, Consul YangZerui.
On Dec. 3, “Trancendence: Beyond the Normal Exhibit” will open at the Baguio Museum.
Heidi Rodriguez-Francisco, the coordinating artist for the exhibit, said “the exhibit will depict the participating artists menagerie of experiences of our material universe at the same time, the portrayal of the world beyond the physical, overlapping with the mystical and spiritual ideas.”
Participating artists are Wiljun Magsino, Simkin de Pio, Norman Montifar, Leonard Manto III, Heidi Rodriguez, and Francisco “Bobit” Segismundo.
Rodriguez-Franciso, after teaching in a university, pursued art as a therapy for illness. She further describes the participating artist, “Wiljun is a self-taught artist from Tarlac City. Simkin is a graduate of the UE School of Fine Arts in Sta Mesa. Norman pursued a career in the U.S. and is multi-awarded. Leonardo finds ecstasy in the world of mythology and legends. And lastly, Bobit brings the viewer into the paronomasia of a world.”
For more insights, visit the Baguio Museum.
Mark the date on your calendars, it’s Dec. 3. The Baguio Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Be enthralled by the newly-rehabilitated museum. Happy weekend everyone and happy commemoration of the Andres Bonifacio Day.