July 22, 2024

The opening of the swimming pool at the Athletic Bowl will be done at a later time as its renovation is ongoing, while the city’s tennis courts remain closed pending clearing of issues with its management.

Paul Rillorta of the City Sports and Recreation Division  (CSRD) said various equipment need to be installed at the pool facility, including electronic timers, a coating for its flooring as well as the installation of a diving pool at the warm up pools, solar heating, roofing, enclosures, and improvement of the toilets.

The completion of the Olympics-sized pool was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

City Sports Officer Gaudencio Gonzales said the construction stopped as some of the workers were affected by the lockdown, causing further delay on the renovation.

The P43 million-worth upgrading project includes enclosure in the swimming pool area with the upgrade of its shower rooms, locker rooms, toilets, LED monitors, and touchpad device of the pool. The solar panels were also installed at the roof.

Meanwhile, the city’s tennis courts inside the Athletic Bowl remains closed due to alleged non-compliance issues of the players using the facility.

The Baguio Tennis Club, which manages the four courts inside the complex, is yet to clear issues with the Mayor’s Office.

Representatives of the BTC, which took over the management of the courts in the early 1970s, met with Mayor Benjamin Magalong to discuss the possible opening of the courts and thresh out issues with the CSRD due to alleged violations. – Ofelia C. Empian