July 13, 2024

To make it easier for Filipino small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to access financing and take advantage of growth opportunities, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) recently launched the Ka-Negosyo on the Go, a digital platform enabling business owners to apply for loans whenever and wherever it is convenient in their busy schedules.

“We are seeing increased interest among SMEs in harnessing on-demand technologies to become more agile and flexible in pursuit of their business goals,” Dominique Ocliasa, BPI Business Banking segment head, said.

Ocliasa said they launched the Ka-Negosyo on the Go to help SMEs avail of BPI’s various Ka-Negosyo loans to scale and expand their ventures without the need to go to a BPI branch.

“Because it is online and accessible from anywhere, Ka-Negosyo On The Go allows us to serve more SMEs nationwide,” Ocliasa said.

Ka-Negosyo on the Go features an intuitive product finder that guides SMEs in selecting the Ka-Negosyo loan that fits their needs.

SMEs will be able to select the available Ka-Negosyo loans such as the Ka-Negosyo Credit Line for flexible financing of recurring expenses, which serves as an extended wallet that they can use anytime via the BPI mobile app, debit card or check; the Ka-Negosyo Ready Loan for seasonal working capital requirements or purchases; the Ka-Negosyo SME Loan for big purchases such as product expansion or new equipment that aims to make it more affordable for SMEs as they can pay monthly for a long period of time; and the Ka-Negosyo SME Loan for Property that can fund the acquisition, construction, or renovation of commercial or residential property for business use. SMEs may choose to avail of these loans with or without collateral.

After SMEs select their preferred loan product, they can evaluate the level of debt they are comfortable with and determine what would make it more manageable for them. They can use the online loan calculator to assess the ideal loan solution and ensure it fits their financial capacity.

Ka-Negosyo on the Go also has an eligibility checker that offers a convenient tool for business owners to determine if a business loan aligns with their requirements and capabilities.

When they are ready to apply, the program allows them to fill out, save, progress and provide requirements wherever they are, at any time of the day.

Once done, business owners are able to receive status of their application quickly and conveniently. A BPI representative will then be assigned to support and guide them in their next steps.

“At BPI, we are committed to being the Filipino SMEs’ partner in growth. Through our loans and digital platform, we are making it easier for SMEs to take their businesses to the next level,” Ocliasa said.

Visit BPI Ka-Negosyo at www.bpi.com.ph/sme-banking to learn more. – Press release