October 2, 2023

The city council has again called on all barangays of Baguio to help in securing public health and safety this rainy season.
The appeal was made through Resolution 232, s. 2022 for the City Environment and Parks Management Office and the barangays to lead in cleaning and clearing activities in their respective jurisdictions considering the onset of the rainy season.
The resolution recognizes the need for walkways, pathways, sidewalk, and parks to be free from moss, debris, litters, and wastes that could put to danger or cause injury to persons considering their role in keeping people’s convenience and safety as they enhance walkability and keep the public from road accidents.
Runoff brought by heavy rainfall combine with moss, debris, and litters can cause people to slip and fall resulting in injuries that could be avoided by appropriate measures and regular cleaning activities.
The 1991 Local Government Code mandates every local government unit to exercise their powers which ensure and support within their respective territorial jurisdictions, among other things, the promotion of health and safety as well as the preservation of the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants.
In Resolution 219, s. 2022, the body requested City Mayor Benjamin Magalong to sign a memorandum of agreement with the Baguio City Nutrition Multi-Purpose Cooperative for the salt iodization project.
A key factor that made the city a recipient of the prestigious Nutrition Honor Award, which is the highest distinction given by the National Nutrition Council to a local government unit in recognition of its outstanding planning, management, and implementation of local nutrition programs, is the salt iodization project.
The BCN-MPC is a non-government organization organized to manage the joint salt iodization project of the United Nations International Children’s Economic Fund, the Department of Health, and the city government.
The salt iodization plant, which had been operating in a makeshift structure inside the City Health Services Office compound, was established in July 1995 to address the high prevalence of iodine deficiency disorder in the city.
The representatives of the cooperative and the CHSO were advised to make appropriate representation to the city mayor for the preparation of the MOA.
Upon recommendation of the Committee on Urban Planning, Lands and Housing, the city council through Resolution 220, s. 2022, has recommended status quo on Resolution 43, s. of 2021 of Lualhatibarangay entitled, “Identifying a portion of the lot declared under the name of Isabel B. Uyan located at Leonard Wood, Romulo Drive Lualhati as barangay needs for parking and other barangay project purposes.”
The resolution cited Department of Environment and Natural Resources Memorandum Circular 2007-11 dated July 25, 2007, which states that: “Townsite Sales Application filed before Feb. 1, 1977 which are not yet certified by the City Engineer’s Office shall not be acted/processed until after the city needs within the barangay affected, shall have been identified and surveyed.”
City Planning and Development Coordinator Donna Tabangin in her report dated Nov. 2, 2021 stated that per research conducted at the DENR-Cordillera, the proposed parking area is within lot claimed by Isabel Uyan, Michael Morris Fianza, Richard Fianza, and certain Editha Chua, et. al. and have pending claims and conflict case filed at the DENR central office.
Lawyer Cleo Sabado-Andrada of the DENR-CAR, in her letter dated Jan. 20, manifested that prior to the identification of the proposed lot under Barangay Resolution 43, s. 2021 of Lualhati barangay, being claimed by Isabel B. Uyan, there are various TSAs over the same parcel of land resulting in claims and conflict cases which are pending at the DENR central office.
It was further recommended in the resolution to request the City Land Needs Identification Committee to conduct a survey and identify the said proposed parking area pursuant to Chapter VII, Sec. A, par. 4, of DENR MC 2007-11.