December 1, 2023

The city council has directed through Resolution 124, s. 2023 the Task Force Moma to activate the enforcement of the provisions of Ordinance 35, s. 2020, which declares it unlawful for any person to chew and/or spit betel quid or moma in a private or public utility vehicle, government-owned vehicle or any other means of public transport for passengers, accommodation and entertainment establishment, public building, and any public place in Baguio City.
The resolution also appealed for strict compliance on the provisions of the ordinance and reminded the public of the bad effects of chewing and spitting of moma in public places for it is not only unsanitary, unhealthy, and unethical, but also a guaranteed spreader of different variants of Covid-19 which are still present and a threat in the society, and other communicable diseases.
Created under Section 12 of Ordinance 35, the task force with the city mayor as chairperson; the chair of the city council committee on health and sanitation as co-chairperson; the City Health Officer or his/her representative as action officer; and 13 members which include the Baguio City Police Office director and the Public Order and Safety Division officer has the duties and responsibilities to receive, review, and process reports and complaints; serve citation tickets and notices; file of appropriate charges for violations under the ordinance; attend regular task force meetings; and deputize enforcers.
The resolution also underscores some important duties and responsibilities of the Task Force Moma which are “to serve citation tickets and notices” and “to deputize enforcers” that need to be carried out firmly and immediately by its members particularly the BCPO and the POSD-City Mayors Office which have police power and authority to apprehend violators.
Further, the resolution has asked the City Treasury Office to issue booklets of citation tickets to the enforcers and other deputized enforcers, and the Public Information Officer to assist in disseminating information pertaining to all aspects including the printing and distribution of copies of the ordinance to the public, and publicize activities and reports related to its implementation and enforcement:
Fines and penalty for violators of the ordinance range from P500 to P2,000 or community service within the city if the violator is unable to pay the fines imposed.
Public places are areas for collective use, regardless of ownership or right to access, such as schools, workplaces, government facilities, and establishments that provide food and drinks, accommodation, merchandise, professional services, entertainment or other services.
Included are outdoor spaces where facilities are available for the public or where crowd gather like playgrounds, sports grounds or centers, church grounds, health/hospital compounds, transportation terminals, parking areas, markets, parks, resorts, walkways/sidewalks, entrance ways, waiting areas, and the like.
The resolution was submitted to Mayor Benjamin Magalong for his signature.
Meanwhile, the city council in joint Resolution 131, s. 2023 has sent the city’s deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of the late Mayor Victorio T. Palangdan Sr. of Itogon, Benguet, who passed away on Feb. 9at the age of 65.
In the resolution, the council stated Palangdan will always be remembered through his great accomplishments and the humble life he lived, in the minds and hearts of his family, the people whose lives he touched, and the constituents of Itogon and Benguet whom he served best during his life.
He was elected mayor for three consecutive terms from 2013 to 2022 where he earned a distinct honor as an exemplary public servant and a leader.
Aside from the many sensible programs and projects he had introduced, the promotion of organic and safe agricultural practices in the municipality for sustainable livelihood and to safeguard the health of farmers and consumers have been successful, including the production healthy and quality vegetables in keeping with his knowledge and experience as a farm management technologist in Benguet from 1981 to 1987.
In Resolution 126, s. 2023, the city council congratulated the province of Kalinga for setting two Guinness world records for the Largest Gong Ensemble and the Largest Banga Dance in its grand Awong Chi Gangsa, Agtu’n Chi Banga or the “Call of a Thousand Gongs, Dance of a Thousand Pots” during the celebration of its 28th founding anniversary last Feb. 15 at the Kalinga Sports Complex.
The success behind the two world records bestowed by the Guinness are the lively, clean execution, synchronicity, and active participation of 3,440 male gong players and 4,681 women dancers with clay pots balanced on their heads, not to mention also the great role and help of the entire community.