April 2, 2023

The Baguio City Police Office reported significant increases in index and non-index crimes committed in the city for the first semester of this year compared to the same period last year following the easing up of the prevailing community quarantine restrictions.

BCPO Director, Col. Glen Lonogan said 51 index crimes were recorded in the city from January to June this year, which is 37 percent more than the index crimes committed during the same period last year.

He said the three most prevalent index crimes in the city were theft with 63, which was higher by 28 incidents compared to the same period last year; physical injuries with 30 recorded incidents, which increased by 20 incidents compared to the first six months of last year; and 18 rape cases, which is lower by six cases compared to the same period last year.

For the non-index crimes, Lonogan said 287 cases were recorded during the first six months, which is 17 cases or seven percent higher compared to the crimes that were committed during the same period last year. These include violation of special laws such as cases for violation of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, violence against women and children, and other related crimes.

He said what is notable is the increase in cases involving drugs that means efforts of the police personnel in intensifying its campaign against illegal drugs paid off through the successful conduct of buy-bust operations.

He said 96 percent of all incidents reported during the first semester were filed in court where 57 percent have already been solved.

He said the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic had brought a lot of change in the city and its residents, including the personnel involved in law enforcement.

“Fighting an unseen enemy is considered one of the hardest battles that we, your Baguio police, had ever faced. It is like pulling the trigger on an anonymous target,” Lonogan said.

Yet the spirit of unity amidst adversity is once again proven an effective strategy against any enemy that attacks humanity, he said.

Lonogan said the first semester of the year was the aftermath of the pandemic as the economy, education, labor, health, relationship, and peace and order situation were greatly affected.

As people are trying to recuperate from the lockdown, quarantine and isolation experiences, he said the BCPO continuously performs its mandate to serve and protect. – PIO release