December 8, 2023

I lived in La Trinidad, Benguet and studied Medicine in Baguio City, after which I left for Australia to work.
With perseverance, life abroad is challenging but rewarding and pleasant.
I just came home for the holiday season. Reaching Baguio and La Trinidad, I was met with suffocation – filthy air from the exhaust of too many vehicles which congest the streets causing heavy traffic.
There is topsy-turvy setting and dirt is all around. Are these what are shown in “An Enchanting Baguio Christmas” posters and “Healthier Benguet?”
Life expectancy of residents who live in communities with polluted air is cut short by 10 years.
There is news that Baguio will be allocated an initial fund of P500 million to rehabilitate the city. I think there is no need spend for infrastructure since there are several already. What is needed is to strictly enforce laws on anti-smoke belching, obstruction, zoning, waste management and conservation of natural environment, which when not disturbed, can regenerate itself. — RUBY ANN B. ALIPIT, La Trinidad, Benguet