July 18, 2024

Overseas Filipino workers based in Hong Kong will get a chance to attend free schooling at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU).

The province of Benguet in partnership with the HKMU recently launched the Benguet OWAG or Overseas Workers Assistance Generation project, which will give free online and offline courses to HK-based OFWs from the province.

Gov. Melchor Diclas together with Executive Assistant, Dr. Ryan Guinaran launched the project in HK with Dr. Mike Manio, a professor of the University of Hong Kong Medicine Department, who initiated the giving of scholarships in various courses for Filipino workers.

Manio, together with his colleagues, presented the online courses, which include computer literacy, food and safety, child and elderly care, women’s health, and financial literacy, among others.

Each course carries five units, where participants earn a level 1 certificate upon completing 25 units.

Participants can complete the required 25 units, or five courses, within six months. Those who enroll this year will be the pioneer graduates of the program.

Guinaran said the project is under the Capacity Building Mileage Programme (CBMP) of the HKMU and Benguet is the first to initiate a provincial cohort with the university. 

The schedule will be on Sundays for both offline and online courses, where the enrollees can also personally attend the university.

“Apart from that, Dr. Manio invited the health group of the Benguet OFWs to sit-in in his med school classes at Hongkong University med school,” Guinaran said.

With a high turnout of interested enrollees from the province, he said they are coordinating with the officers of Benguet Federation of OFWs in HKto finalize the list of enrollees. 

Guinaran said they are gathering enrollees for November where a minimum of 20 students per class is required.

Pero madami ang nag-express ng interest. We will have a mechanism that the curriculum will have a Benguet context so some lecturers will be from the Capitol,” he said.

Guest lecturers from the province will bring a Benguet context to the various courses offered by the HKMU. 

Around 300 Benguet OFWs welcomed the governor and his company at the event organized by the Benguet Federation Hong Kong recently. – Ofelia C. Empian