July 25, 2024

Dear Manang,
I hate this world. It seems like after being trampled on by my friends, I learn that they’ve turned against me. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. They bully me then make it appear like I bullied them. I can’t even explain or defend myself. I’ve no one beside me and I want to die. But if I die, it seems like I just took their bait.
Fernando of St. Joseph Village, Baguio City

Dear Fernando,
Understanding is the most difficult thing to achieve. If this world understood each other, there would be peace and no war or strife. I am sorry to say that it is incumbent on you to do the understanding and not them. Since you know that they are the bullies, then you must stay away from them. This is the easiest solution. But the best solution is to make friends with them again. Sometimes, the bully is pretending to be strong when actually he is weak. I am sure that a day will come when you will earn their respect by being kind.
Live and be kind to enemies,

Dear Manang,
I don’t want my best friend to tell me that he loves me because it will ruin our friendship. Since Grade 3, Jumie and I have been family friends and schoolmates. He came to our house to eat and I would also go to their house to eat. He has an older brother who treats me like a sister too. We can share so many thoughts and dreams with each other. We play good music together. During family gatherings we do duets and make our families laugh with our antics. But I don’t want it ruined now when we are in college. Can I stop him?
Laurel of Engineer’s Hill, Baguio City

Dear Laurel,
Such platonic relationships are best preserved as you prefer. Wouldn’t it be so fine to have someone beside you when your boyfriend confuses you or your husband becomes annoying? Like a confidante, Jumie would be such an emotional crutch. College is mating time and most often when spouses are chosen. I hope you are misjudging him but if he does propose then you will avoid him, I’m sure. Why not approach it from a hypothetical point? You can give him hints by pretending to ask him what he would do in a platonic relationship? Present your opinion to him and use your relationship as the example. Just maybe, he will find the similarities in the hypothetical situation.
Send him hints,