September 30, 2023

Outdoor enthusiasts are challenged to participate in the 30-kilometer virtual cycling competition set Feb. 1 to March 2.
Dubbed as “30/30 virtual cycling challenge,” the event is open to everyone in the country who has a mountain or road bike.
Organizer Virago Bike and Run events said interested participants may take the challenge anytime during the 30-day competition period. 
“We encourage everyone to keep boosting your immunity and stay fit. Being a virtual event, you are free to ride where you want, when you want without being bound by any time restrictions,” the organizers said.
Interested bikers need to download the Strava application as the official timer and they have the freedom to choose the place and time where they could ride.
Finishers will get a personalized certificate and a limited edition hoodie finisher’s medal. Top three winners of each category will get cash prizes with free shipping anywhere in the Philippines.
Participants can check their rank against other riders as well as check podium finishers in each category on a daily basis. Indoor rides done using an indoor ride trainer and recorded using required devices which support indoor trainer mode are allowed. The indoor ride date must be submitted only using Strava or Garmin Connect.
Event organizers have the right to decide to disqualify a participant if the rider is considered to have taken external help in covering the distance and elevation, such as using motorcycle or any form of powered vehicle or cheated in every way.
“Multiple rides in a day are allowed and each day has to be submitted separately in such case. Each submitted activity must be a single recorded activity,” the organizers added.
Multiple activities are not allowed to be combined into one activity using online tools for submission as single activity. Those who will violate will be penalized.
Interested riders are encouraged to take a selfie before, during, and after their ride.
Interested participants have until Jan. 31 to register.
For more information, visit Virago Biker & Run Events in its Facebook page. – Ofelia C. Empian