July 25, 2024

The Bureau of Internal Revenue reminded establishments in Baguio City of the mandated 20 percent discounts to senior citizens and persons with disability recently. 
During a seminar on March 29 organized by the BIR Revenue District Office 8, at least 235 senior citizens and business owners were guided on how to compute the 20 percent discount to seniors and PWDs. 
Although the activity focused on business owners, senior citizens were also reoriented on their rights and privileges as consumers. 
Revenue Officer III Raymond Beding of the RDO-08 Assessment Section reminded senior citizens and PWDs are entitled to 20 percent/value added tax exemption when purchasing medicines and availing of medical and dental services including diagnostic and laboratory fees; transport fare including when doing advanced booking.
Jenny P. Chomping Revenue Officer II on the other hand reiterated to business establishments to remove the VAT before computing the discount. 
“They forget to remove the VAT and when that happens theres a higher chance of billing or there will be a larger total amount the senior citizen will be paying,” she said. 
Chomping said goods such as cigarettes are not covered by the 20 percent discount to promote health and well-being. 
For inquiries, contact the BIR at 442-2328. – Joshua Walitang