March 28, 2023

A young member of the Philippine Muay Thai national team from Baguio has donated her one-month allowance from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) for the purchase of relief goods for some of the city’s indigent families.

Instead of using her allowance for her personal expenses, Islay Erika Bomogao opted to give her monthly stipend to help in the relief efforts of her father, Benny, a councilor in the city.

The 18-year-old silver medalist during the 33rd Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) said she will also give her stipend this coming month for relief efforts.

The food pack contained milk, sugar, canned goods, noodles, and rice.

“The next batch from my incoming allowance will be used to purchase the same goods. But we still do not know who will be the beneficiaries. We will see,” she said.

The young Bomogao, who recently enrolled at the University of Baguio for a degree in teaching, said it was her father who inspired her.

“My dad donated his pay for a month to jumpstart a relief effort for indigent Baguio citizens,” she said.

“He pledged his salary while asking for help from willing donors. So, I wanted to help and gave my allowance. Anyway, I got a lot of blessings last year so I thought (that) this is a nice way of sharing those blessings,” she said.

Bomogao finally made it to the national team after finishing her senior high.

She was sent to Thailand for a 45-day training before she returned home to compete in the SEAG which the Philippines hosted.

Her efforts yielded her a silver medal which entitled her to a P300,000 incentive from the PSC, aside from a P25,000 Christmas bonus.

She is also entitled to a P20,000 cash reward from the city. – PNA