July 23, 2024

The Bontoc Election Office is intensifying its voter registration and education activities in line with the national and local elections in 2025.

The office is keeping track of its activities by reaching out to the different communities and constituents.

The office is holding a satellite re-gistration to make registration services accessible to the target participants.

These locations include barangay halls to cater to indigenous peoples and persons with disability, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology to accommodate Persons Deprived of Liberty, and schools to enlist students.

Based on the latest data of the local election office, there are 17,391 registered voters in Bontoc as of June of which 8,695 are males and 8,696 are females.

The Commission on Elections launched the registration on Feb. 12, which will end on Sept. 30, 2024.

Bontoc Municipal Election Officer Rodante C. Selpaten said voters who re-gistered from April to June will be approved during the Election Registration Board quarterly hearing.

Selpaten said registration includes applications for transfer from another district or municipality, reactivation, correction of entries, and reinstatement from overseas to local, among others.

He added their office has been extending its service called the Register Anywhere Program, which is designed to help citizens currently residing within the municipality but wishing to register as voters in their hometowns.

“Our office is open to citizens from other municipalities and provinces who wish to register in their municipalities. Instead of traveling back to their respective provinces, we will help them register and forward their data to the concerned election offices where they intend to vote,” he said.

Selpaten said citizens need to be informed of these government services, as it is one’s right to vote as promulgated by Section 1, Article V of the Constitution.

 “We must participate in democracy and take part in electing the leaders of our nation and our municipality. It is important to vote to elect the right leaders who will serve our municipality, province, and country. But of course, you cannot vote if you do not register first. So, you have to register to exercise your responsibility and duty to vote,” he said.

He also reminded those aspiring to run for public office in the 2025 elections that the filing of certificates of candidacy will be from Oct. 1 to 8. – Remwel Sanowan