December 6, 2022

BONTOC, Mountain Province – The capabilities of res-ponders in this capital town were tested during a simulation exercise at Dantay, Barangay Alab Oriente on July 29.
The activity involved a vehicular traffic accident with six victims who sustained injuries.
The six individuals who acted as victims are the junior responders who recently graduated from the Mountain Province General Comprehensive High School-Senior High and were trained by the local government unit on Basic Life Support (BLS) and first aid.
The Amlosong Park in Barangay Bontoc Ili served as the hospital.
This is the first vehicular accident simulation exercise involving the responders from the Bontoc LGU and partner agencies.
Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Johanna Padaen said the activity aims to institutionalize the Municipal Incident Command System among the members of the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and strengthen proper coordination among the response teams in the municipality.
Records from the Bontoc Municipal Police Station (MPS) show that 10 vehicular traffic accidents were recorded in 2020 and four were recorded in the first semester of this year.
During the assessment, the evaluators lauded the responders for making use of equipment or logistics available and for applying what they learned during their training on BLS and first aid.
However, they said there are aspects that must be improved, among these the conduct of rapid or initial assessment, establishment of the Incident Command System on the ground, establishment of the triage area, proper tagging and accounting of victims, conduct of primary assessment to the victims, and demobilization.
The responders are members of the Bontoc Emergency Response Team, Municipal Traffic Enforcers Volunteer Organization, personnel from the Bontoc MPS, Municipal Fire Station, Bureau of Jail and Management and Penology, and Municipal Health Office.
The simulation exercise is the culminating activity of the National Disaster Resiliency Month observance in July. – Alpine L. Killa