February 1, 2023

Dear Manang,
I have had problems with breathing recently. The other night, I felt like I was dying. I used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and have stopped this for almost two years now. I went to a doctor who said it may be a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease pending the complete tests. I am worried and since I am single at 50, I wonder if I should go back home to make sure that someone finds me, dead or alive. Help.
China of Brookside, Baguio City

Dear China,
It is a common disease these days, not only because of the air pollution but more importantly, the lifestyle. Many have different work times and occupations require sitting in front of computers for long periods. By all means, go home and care for your parents or nieces and nephews who will also check on you. There are other reasons for the breathing problems. This could also mean a weak heart. Get a complete check-up so you can be sure and know what to do next.
See a doctor,

Dear Manang,
What can I do to lose some weight? I feel that I have tried almost everything but am not able to confidently lose two pounds and keep it off. What other styles can you recommend? I am desperate. Please help.
Loreinda of Gibraltar, Baguio City

Dear Loreinda,
I am not an expert and it is only my own struggle with weight that I draw experience from. Please don’t get me wrong because these are just some experiments that I did that I was successful with. I tried the Mayo diet which recommended a no carbohydrates diet. This only used vegetables and meats for one week, then two days of cheat days with rice, bread, and potatoes. For breakfast, you take two boiled or fried eggs and bacon, then lunch is boiled vegetables with fried chicken or pork chops the size of a fist. Dinner is also of salad and meat, the size of a fist. It worked and helped me lose five pounds in the first week, then the cheat day was good and this cycle helped me lose 10 pounds in a month. But weight loss plateaus and I got frustrated when it got stuck in the same weight. The other one I was successful with was the John Travolta diet which says to eat half of what you eat until you reach your ideal weight. I have been successful in both.
Hope you find the discipline,