November 30, 2023

City Engineer Edgar Victorio Olpindo has requested the City Mayor’s Office’s Special Services Division under officer-in-charge Michelle Agbuya to help inform and encourage barangay officials to consolidate their drainage master plans to the City Engineering Office (CEO).

In his letter dated Aug. 2, Olpindo said the city government is currently developing a comprehensive development master plan (DMP) that aims to address the city’s drainage challenges and create a robust and sustainable system to manage water flow effectively, especially during heavy rains and monsoon seasons.

“Additionally, if any barangay has new or additional drainage proposals that are not yet part of their existing plans, we would highly appreciate it if they could also submit these proposals to us (CEO) for consideration and possible inclusion in the DMP at the soonest possible time,” the letter stated.

It added the early submissions of the barangay drainage plans and proposals will allow the CEO to evaluate and integrate these into the DMP, thereby enhancing its effectiveness and adaptability. – Gaby B. Keith