September 30, 2023

Things in the classroom seem to be different from what they used to be.
Our school implemented full blast in person classes starting May 16.
The shift from distance learning to face to face was not easy. Teachers and learners found difficulty in adjusting. Teachers encountered problems on delivering lessons suitable to the learners. On the other hand, learners struggle in focusing on their lessons.
The effects of the suspension of face to face classes for more than a year are very evident. Learners are behind on the skills they should have already developed on their grade level. Some learners cannot read well. Many have very limited vocabulary which hinder their comprehension. Some have difficulty in constructing sentences. Others cannot solve simple mathematical equations. Moreover, learners took longer time to accomplish the tasks given to them.
Managing the learners’ behavior has also become a problem. Learners have very short attention span. Some just talk, move, stand, play or eat when they like to. Some keep on yawning and even fall asleep during class. Others put up their legs on their chairs as if they are in their homes.
But no one is to be blamed on the decline of the learners’ performance in school. Instead of blaming each other, we should focus on finding solutions to the problems.
Conducting face to face classes is the best remedy to improve the academic performance of the learners. Hopefully, face to face classes will be fully implemented nationwide next school year. It is expected that school year 2022-2023 will be facing great challenges. The challenge on coping with the competencies that were not mastered by the learners will be the top most problem. Addressing it would require much preparations and innovations. However, teachers are very resourceful and creative so they could easily find ways to develop their learners to their full potentials.
It is really heartbreaking that the education of our children was greatly affected by the pandemic. Their knowledge and skills were really inferior as compared to the learners who attended regular face to face classes. As I look into the outputs of my sons, I can assess that they are not equipped with adequate knowledge and skills required in the level they will be enrolled in next school year especially my son who will be in college. I just wish they could do better next school year.
Let us hope and pray that the pandemic will be over soon so that regular face to face classes will be imposed. It is the only way we can ensure a more productive and effective learning for our children