January 30, 2023

Owners and representatives of hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, lodging and transient houses, and medical facilities were oriented on government procedures and guidelines necessary in acquiring a business permit.
The orientation, which turned into an open forum, was participated in by representatives from the business sector.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong said he wanted to listen to the concerns of the business sector to evaluate the process of acquiring a business permit in the city.
The requirements for the issuance and renewal of a business permit include the submission of updated barangay clearance, lease contract or proof of ownership, zoning clearance, health clearance, building clearance, sewerage and parks clearances, fire safety clearance, trade name registration from the Department of Trade and Industry for sole proprietorship, registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission for partnership, or registration with the Cooperative Development Authority for cooperatives.
During the forum, participants raised concern on the process of acquiring a fire safety certificate from the Bureau of Fire Protection as well as the annual requirement to refill fire extinguishers even if these have not yet expired.
Allegations of corruption and overpricing were also raised against the BFP but were all bellied by BFP Baguio representative Leo Mendoza.
The BFP mentioned common violations to the Fire Code include blocked or locked emergency exits, lack of fire-fighting equipment, and lack of an evacuation area.
Magalong said the regional office of the BFP committed to revisit its guidelines and improve their system of issuing fire safety clearance.
He said most of the complaints received by his office through traditional communication and social media platforms are related to application and renewal of business permit wherein the fire safety clearance is a pre-requisite. – Jessa Mardy Samidan