July 25, 2024

The Baguio Water District encouraged consumers to observe water conservation efforts as the necessity of water is seen to rise due to the threat brought about by the coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19).
BWD highlighted the importance of using water in hygiene and sanitation and encouraged to use their supply wisely during the dry season.
“We encourage everyone to double their efforts in conserving water during these times. The dry season has already hit us early causing our underground sources to already drop below the normal level and now this threat of the coronavirus, water is very essential to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean,” BWD General Manager Salvador Royeca said.
Apart from using alcohol or hand sanitizers, Royeca said more people are keen on washing their hands with soap and water, which is why supply should be readily available in every household or establishment.
“As every one of us contribute and exert efforts to contain the spread of the virus, most of us will be very conscious with our own hygiene. The majority will be washing their hands more often and that will definitely increase the demand for water,” Royeca added.
Despite the reminder, Royeca assured that BWD can satisfy the water demand of its consumers until the end of the dry season.
With around 44,154 active connections as of February in Baguio City and parts of Tuba and Itogon, Benguet, Royeca said contingency plans are laid out annually to ensure the equitable distribution of available supply.
He reminded Baguio residents to observe water conservation practices such as the use of bucket and dipper when taking a bath, using a tumbler or glass when brushing teeth, using washing machines with full loads only and the use of basin to avoid over flow of water, recycling of laundry water for flushing toilets, cleaning of bathrooms or washing cars, and practice rainwater harvesting if possible.
Royeca also prompted consumers to report leaking pipes and other water supply concerns to BWD’s hotline, (074) 442-3218, 442-4929, 0909-865-1504, 0917-679-4929, 0922-840-9765, send email to [email protected] or visit the BWD Office at 003 Utility Road, Barangay Marcoville. – BWD release