December 8, 2023

Application for Baguio Water District’s new water connection and other related frontline services will now be done online starting June 15.

BWD General Manager Salvador M. Royeca said the water utility implemented the online application scheme to prevent clients from queuing at the BWD main office as well as to protect both the customers and the employees from the threat of the Covid-19.

From March 20, during the implementation of the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine, BWD suspended the acceptance and processing of such applications.

He said the BWD’s online filing system has been modified to accommodate more of the customers’ requests and make sure clients observe the stay-at-home campaign of the national government.

“Our online application for new connections is pre-existing, we just modified it so it can accommodate not only the application for new connections but also other frontline services frequented by people at our office. This also ensures that our customers can avail of our services safe and away from the corona virus threat at the comfort of their homes,” Royeca said.

Apart from new water connection application, other frontline services which can be done online include, additional water meter and tapping; additional water meter with common tapping; transfer of tapping; reconnection of disconnected water meter; and re-tapping of service line.

Customers are advised to log in to or go directly to to process their application or request.

Customers are required to fill-up an online form requiring basic information and the type of service being applied or requested for. A confirmation email is sent to the customer along with the complete list of documentary requirements for New Connection Applications. For other type of services, a customer service assistant (CSA) will contact the customer through phone or email.

Required documents may be scanned or photographed and sent to [email protected]. If the application is approved, an initial inspection is scheduled.  

Customers are encouraged to have a working e-mail address to apply online. Mandatory orientation seminar will also be conducted virtually and will be scheduled by the BWD CSA.

Customers with pending applications prior to March 15 are advised to contact the BWD Commercial Division at 442-6539 or send an email to bwdcom[email protected] for further information or clarifications. – Press release