March 24, 2023

Even animals deserve protection and assurance that they will not go hungry amidst the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), which is being implemented for three weeks now.

The University of the Philippines-Baguio is making sure cats within the campus are well provided for even during the ECQ, which has restricted the mobility of the residents in a bid to curb the spread the coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19).

Student-volunteers and members of the UP Baguio Animal Welfare Committee are taking turns in feeding the cats within the campus.

“The UPcats won’t miss a meal during the enhanced community quarantine. We hope you don’t miss your meals as well. The UP Baguio Animal Welfare Committee sees to it that the resident cats of UP Baguio are continuously fed during the quarantine. Food is provisioned twice daily to all the 10 stations in the campus,” the UP AWC said in its Facebook post.

UP Baguio campus has been a home to a number of felines.

The AWC is looking after the welfare of the cats found on UP Baguio’s school grounds and offices, including the dormitory and library. – Jane B. Cadalig