December 1, 2023

It is interesting to read that some attention is being given to the parking problem.
The planned construction of multi-level car parks will be a great relief for the many frustrated motorists.
Centralized is a worldwide problem, not just here in Baguio.
The cost of acquiring land and building the multi-level car park must be quite enormous.
The solution found to be successful elsewhere, is one that could be looked at here.
First, areas of suitable land on the outskirts of the city are located.
Then the land is much cheaper for a good start. The land is then made into a flat car park where a modest fee can be charged to motorists. The car park payment can include the use of a shuttle bus that will take the motorists and their passengers to the central business district.
In some countries, car parks have themselves become centers of attraction with businesses such as restaurants being set up nearby. — BERNARD LEWENDON, Baguio City