July 25, 2024

The city council approved Resolution 574, s. 2023 recommending that demolition orders issued to occupants of portions of the Camp Allen, Navy Base, and Philippine Military Academy should be studied thoroughly and a policy should be adopted to address concerns on the occupation reservations before demolition orders are issued.
The report cited Presidential Proclamation 2313, s. 1983, which declares Lots 140 and 141, of the U.S. Fleet Naval Rehabilitation Center (popularly known as the Navy Base), as a military reservation.
Proclamations 254 and 2405, both issued in 1985, also established the Philippine Constabulary Reservation, (Camp Henry T. Allen)” and Fort Gregorio Del Pilar for military reservations.
Adopting the report of the committee on laws, justice, and human rights, the resolution suggests for the adoption of common policies for reservations such as the possibility of use of the areas for land banking or included in the inventory of suitable lands for the implementation of the Pambansang Pabahay Para sa Pilipino Program, which empowers the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development to administer and include in the inventory of idle government lands or lands that have not been used for the purposes for which they have been originally reserved.
The resolution also cited the results of the public consultation initiated by the committee on urban planning, lands and housing on Aug. 17, 2022, where the consensus was a status quo.
Through Resolution 579, s. 2023 the Department of Education was asked to provide a report on the closure of John Hay Elementary School, for appropriate legislation.
In the resolution, the closure of the school by Bases Conversion Development Authority subsidiary, John Hay Management Corporation, was illegal as stated in Resolution 2, s. 2023 of the Scout Barrio Homeowners Association, citing as a basis the entry into the homeowner’s individual transfer certificate of title and also in the title of the JHES.
Ordinance 75, s. 2023, approved the release of P28.3 million for the hazard pay, subsistence and laundry allowance of personnel of the City Health Services Office – P19.9M, the City Social Welfare and Development Office – P5.4M, and the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office – P2.9M.
In Ordinance 78, s. 2023, the city council reclassified the vacant position of engineer II, mechanical engineer, in the 2023 personnel schedule of the City Buildings and Architecture Office into a new position of engineer II, electronics engineer, with salary grade 16, step 1.
Eligibility for the position includes a license for professional Electronics and Communication Engineer under; four hours of relevant training; and one-year minimum experience in the field of design and construction for low-voltage and other systems for fire detection and alarm, telephone, close-circuit television, cable television, security and alarm, and structured cabling.
The main duties and responsibilities are to evaluate electronics and communication plans and documents on general layout with legends, single line diagram, riser diagram, isometry of the system, technical equipment specifications, and cost estimates.
The other tasks are to conduct an annual inspection of complete electronics facilities/systems before issuance of an occupancy permit, inspection of new electronics facilities/buildings/structures/offices/systems, and other delegated functions from the immediate supervisor or higher supervisor from time to time.
Through Resolution 572, s. 2023, the city council is encouraging theresidents to adopt the proposed designs for rainwater harvesting system of the Baguio Water District.
The designs are for residential, school, office buildings, and commercial establishments which are feasible technology for meeting the increasing need for water because of the booming population.
Rainwater harvesting captures, diverts, and stores rainwater for later uses like landscape irrigation, wash applications, ornamental pond, and fountain filling, cooling tower make-up water, toilet and urinal flushing.
In Resolution 573, s. 2023, the city council authorized Mayor Benjamin Magalong to sign a memorandum of agreement with AF Payments Inc. for a cashless payment system in the bagsakan market so that payments of entrance fees by viajeros will be done through the use of beep cards, a reloadable stored-value card.
The proposal is aligned with the vision to transform Baguio into a smart city.