July 21, 2024

Road widening at Marcos Highway will not only benefit motorists and pedestrians but bikers as well, the City Buildings and Architecture Office reported.
In the March 16 meeting of the Mayor Benjamin Magalong with his department heads, Engr. Stephen Capuyan and Arch. Richard Ham of the CBAO said 3.2 meters of the 16.2m widened road have been designated as bike lanes.
Thirteen structures along the whole stretch of the road however need to be demolished for the project. Owners of structures were given notices to vacate, with pre-demolition conference this month and scheduled for demolition in May.
One building was already demolished by its owner, with remnants of the structure still on site.         
Observed during inspections were buildings with width up to eight meters, length up to 20 meters, a floor or several storys on road level, attic/s and or several basement floors used either for commercial or housing. Though made of hollow blocks, reinforced concrete, GI or flat sheet, metal and other construction materials, the buildings were erected or repaired without permits and are deemed structurally unstable.   
Owners of these structures have operated without or with expired business permits.
According to the CBAO officials, the demolition of the structures considered as drawback to the road widening are anchored on local and national edicts including the National Building Code of the Philippines which gives the grounds for the abatement of dangerous buildings
The city has been active in recovering sidewalks, removing road obstructions and other actions to ease traffic specially in major thoroughfares. – Julie G. Fianza