December 7, 2022

Picnics, biking, horseback riding, fitness, boating, and picture taking are not the only activities that can be done at Baguio’s parks.

As part of the City Environment and Parks Management Office’s “Parks for all” program, the department recently announced in its social media page that some of the city’s rejuvenated parks may now be a venue for special occasions.

At the Wright Park, weddings, events, other special occasions are allowed. 

At the Burnham Park, reading nooks and an area to feed pigeons have also been added.

Called the “Dibshi jen dibsho,” an Ibaloy term meaning “a free book,” visitors at the park may read books for free at benches especially built for reading. Beside the bench is a small cabinet containing books.

The books may be brought home but after reading, the borrower should return or bring another book to be read by others. 

The first batch of books at the reading areas are collections of Cepmo head Renan Diwas and donations of a businessman.

Cepmo will establish four reading areas – mostly around the lake and one at the Rose Garden.

Cepmo intends to place another bench and a bookshelf at the Children’s Playground with story books for parents to read to their children.

Those who would like to donate books may visit the Cepmo during office hours or email [email protected] – Rimaliza A. Opiña and Jessa P. Samidan