November 29, 2023

Creeks in the city are now being closely monitored as to their upkeep, and residents, especially those residing near them who continue to indiscriminately throw their wastes into the waterways, will be penalized.
Baguio City Police Office Director Col. Francisco Bulwayan Jr. issued the warning in line with Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s directive for the police force to intensify its watch over creeks and waterways due to pollution concerns.
Bulwayan said different police stations inspected river tributaries within their areas of responsibility and came up with a list of five dirtiest creeks.
Based on their assessment, the top five dirtiest creeks are Easter Road at Guisad, Magsaysay Private Road both under Police Station 2; Lower Rock Quarry, station 5; Pacdal creek under station 3; and Camp 8 creek under station 8.
The mayor made the directive on Feb. 6 after receiving reports that residents, especially those who took up residence near these bodies of water directly dump their refuse in the creeks.
Earlier, the mayor deputized policemen as environment officers to strengthen the enforcement of environmental and sanitation laws in the barangays including the mobilization of clean-up drives.
“BCPO pledges to support to enforce laws against those violating the environment code and other related ordinances,” Bulwayan assured.
Following the BCPO’s inspection, the barangays who have jurisdiction over the identified dirty creeks conducted clean-up campaigns, particularly Magsaysay Private Road led by Punong Barangay Debbie Banagui, Pacdal by PB Abraham Lagasca, and Camp 8 led by PB Lopito Nabulay.
Bulwayan said the cleanliness program is a regular program of the BCPO in keeping with the “makakalikasan” core value of the Philippine National Police.
“This activity aims to sustain cleanliness within the city, improve solid waste management, and raise awareness of the citizens of Baguio in protecting the environment,” he said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo