March 27, 2023

RIVER REHABILITATION PROGRAM — The City Environment and Parks Management Office has identified the site for its river rehabilitation program where the envisioned elevated walkway passes through along the Forbes Park, Botanical Garden creek. The project expected to be accomplished towards the end of 2023 will give locals and tourists a view of the park’s surroundings. — Neil Clark Ongchangco

As part of the environment rejuvenation program, a 75-meter creek along Forbes Park, Botanical Garden is undergoing recovery and rehabilitation with inset plans of a mini-waterfalls and pond having naturally occurring flora and fauna.
Also presently undergoing construction is a two-level walkway which will provide a view of the area. A middle pathway may also be constructed, City Environment and Parks Management Office Forester Floro Bastian said.
The elevated walkway offers a view of the 800-meter Botanical Park, Teachers Camp, and the surrounding areas.
The project is part of the rejuvenated waterways program of Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s restored environment and ecosystem agenda and vision of Cepmo head Rhenan Diwas to provide a glimpse into the “back to the wildlife”.
The riverbed, which was earlier concretized, shall be recovered to allow water to seep through and undergo natural filtration to complete the water cycle.
Although the river may now be considered man-made, the restoration process would have boulders, river stones, plants and organisms which may recreate an almost natural river ecosystem. This environment possesses a self-cleansing property and is considered a factor in alleviating water pollution in an urban setting. – Julie G. Fianza