December 8, 2022

The outcome of the leveled-up nursery projects at the Botanical Garden and Busol watershed has enthralled city officials so much that Mayor Benjamin Magalong announced plans to replicate the project in more areas.

The projects funded and implemented by the City Environment and Parks Management Office were among those subjected to final inspection and given A grades last Oct. 22 by the team led by the mayor and City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña.

Cepmo head Rhenan Diwas said the modern greenhouses deviated from the nursery stereotypes not just aesthetically but also design and concept-wise.

The structures, built of sturdy materials to last even under harsh conditions, are integrated as part of the whole park and watershed.

“Their design is progressive so that they can be transformed as multi-use facilities to rear trees, ornamental or flowering plants, and even serve as crop production centers,” he said.

He said the facilities can also serve as bio-laboratories for botanists and university students.

“This is one project that we can be proud of to show the whole country that Baguio City is leveling up,” Magalong said.

The mayor said apart from helping in the city’s environmental and beautification programs, the greenhouses can also serve as added tourist attractions when the situation normalizes, thus making their functions three-pronged – environmental, educational, and tourism-oriented.

He said he will work on more funds and grants to enable the city to build more of these facilities.

He said the concept can also be adopted for the city’s community strawberry farming project, which has also gotten off the ground spearheaded by the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office under Dr. Brigit Piok.

“With leveled up facilities like these, I’m sure we can make the communities participate with more enthusiasm in our projects,” he said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo